Welcome to OrionWorks and all of its subsidiaries! his website is created and maintained by a what most would more- or-less define as a sentient creature who goes by the name of Steven Vincent Johnson. As a matter of provenance my parental units named me after the poet and story writer, Stephen Vincent Benet. Following in Mr. Benet's footsteps can be intimidating shoes to fill. Back in the mid 80s I was fortunate enough to have worked at the University of Wisconsin Space Astronomy Lab (SAL) as a computer programmer specializing in ground support. My position was funded by NASA. I wrote “ground support” code for an experimental ultraviolet observatory package, code name “Project Astro”, Also known as the Wisconsin Photopolarimeter Experiment - WUPPE). I am happy to report that WUPPE eventually few in a couple of space shuttle missions many years after I left SAL. I worked at Wisconsin Department of Transportation located in Madison, Wisconsin, till I retired in January of 2015. While at DOT I helped maintain large scale Content Manager systems for Multi- Platform environments. But now that I’m retired I pay myself to do what I want to do... and no more deadlines. Yay!   Most of my friends know something of me because of other activities I have been involved in. These include: Since the late 1970s I have been a semi-professional artist/illustrator specializing in Science Fiction, Astronomical and New Age themes. Some of my work has been published inside magazines and on the covers of paperbacks and hardbacks. This includes having been commissioned by Easton Press to supply cover and interior art for Ringworld, by Larry Niven, as well as Dragon Masters, by Jack Vance. Composing electronic music. It's a good idea to exercise a different part of the brain every now and then. Writing. It’s fun to become utterly lost in the creative process. Exploring computer simulations. Some of my simulation work has focused on exploring the physical laws most commonly associated with celestial mechanics. This includes research into Kepler’s famous 3 laws of planetary motion. Research in this area has resulted in computer graphics possessing unexpected complexity, beauty, and bafflement. It’s sort of like looking at fractals, but from a different, more linear perspective. As far as what kind of “reli’gn” best seems to define me, I guess Taoist and Zen perspectives, with occasional regressions into realism and pragmatism. Some of the best advice I ever received was: KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid!), and follow the Golden Rule. Admittedly, sometimes that’s easier said than done. - Steven Vincent Johnson
that was zen this is tao
Steven Vincent Johnson
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